Goodbye Brody

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Brody poo.jpg
Brody was a very elderly poodle who was found a stray dog just staggering down a road when he was rescued. Brody's coat was matted to the skin and looked like dreadlocks. His teeth were rotten and falling out, and he was in very poor health. We arranged for him to receive all the care he needed and he was lovingly cared for in foster homes. Brody received home cooked food and lots of TLC. Yesterday he stopped eating and even turned down a Wendy's hamburger, so we knew he was pretty sick. He passed away today on his way to the clinic. Brody was loved by Susan and Katie and he will be missed by his Happy Hound Rescue family.

How Victor Found His Home!

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Victor.jpgMy family briefly served as a foster family for Happy Hound Rescue.  We probably would've continued to foster, but we met Victor - and our lives have never been the same. 

Victor was our second foster.  When he came to us, he was a 2-year-old dog who acted like a beaten down old man.  He never wagged his tail, and somehow managed to look more pitiful than your typical basset. Naturally, no one in my family could let this little guy go; we instinctively wanted to shower him with love and try to rehabilitate his sad soul.

No sooner did we adopt him and begin the rehab process when we discovered Victor' side: he could jump a 4-foot chain-link fence and had severe separation anxiety that caused him to get into some chewing trouble around the house.  We lost two reasonably decent leather couches, my prescription sunglasses, a dog crate, and a computer to Victor's nerves.  We even lost Victor himself a few times before finally investing in an electric fence (installed around the perimeter
of our nice new chain link fence!) to discourage Victor from wandering.

But all you animal lovers out there will know what I mean when I say it's all worth it.  Victor may be a bit of a mess of a dog, but he's  a part of the family now and we can't resist his goofy charm.  He is best friends with our other beagle, loves our daughter, has claimed his spot on the bed at night, and is well on his way to learning how to be a happy dog again. 

Thanks to Lynne and Happy Hound Rescue for bringing Victor home!

By Teri F and family

A Real Rescue Story

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"Brody" is a miniature poodle who was found tottering along a road and taken to a crowded shelter. His hair was long and matted and he could barely walk as his hind end kept falling over from side to side. We rescued Brody from the shelter and he is now in a foster home where he will remain for the balance of his life. You see, he is at least 15 years old and seems to have spinal arthritis which is affecting his control of his legs. He fell over and scraped himself on a rock retaining wall and has some abrasions from the fall. Brody is also blind and appears to have canine cognitive dysfunction which is similar to Alzheimer's in people. Brody does like being next to his foster mom and is fine with her other dogs. He had many rotten teeth which were painful so they were pulled and he is enjoying a diet of soft food with a daily pain medication. Even though his owner didn't care about him, we couldn't leave Brody in the pound to be gassed and spent $350 on his vet care and grooming to keep him comfortable during the time he has left. If you would like to contribute to Brody's expenses, please use the DONATE button on our website and thank you for helping us care for dogs like Brody.
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Update on the Octuplets!

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Bindy's octoplets are all doing well 24 hours after their birth! There are 7 girls and 1 boy! Mom and kids are doing great.

BINDY'S PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bindy & babies.jpg

Bindy is a cute little Chihuahua doxie mix rescued from a backyard breeder in a rural area. She and several other Chihuahuas were forced to live outdoors in a wire pen with no real shelter from March through October. During the winter they lived in a filthy laundry room. The other Chihuahuas have been adopted, but Bindy was very noticeably pregnant so she is in a foster home where she has plenty of food, a warm nest box, and lots of love and care. The papa is a fawn colored Chihuahua and Bindy is brindle with a white chest, and the puppies range from fawn to brindle to black. CAN YOU BELIEVE that this tiny dog carried EIGHT puppies to term, delivered them without problems, and is caring for them like a great mom! Bindy will be caring for her puppies for the next 8-9 weeks, and then they will be ready for adoption to loving, caring homes and then Bindi will be looking for her forever home!

Puppy Mill Cocker Found Her Forever Home

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Libby is a tiny cocker who was rescued in March from the puppy mill auction in Thorpe Wisconsin at the age of 10 months. She was vulnerable to being used as a breeding dog even though she is only 12 pounds! Libby came to us very very frightened, in fact paralyzed with fear. She had no idea of house training and was in poor condition. Katie Johnson took this little girl home and spent six weeks providing rehabilitation and house training. Libby received complete vetting including her spay. At our adoption event a family fell in love with Libby and adopted her. She has blossomed in her new family and the little girls just love her. Thank you Hannah and Olivia for adopting Libby!!!


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Freddie 1-1.jpgFreddie is a 2 year old shih tzu who was purchased at the Thorpe Wisconsin dog auction in March to save his life. He was very sick with respiratory and urinary tract infections and required treatment before he could be neutered. He was also full of worms and other parasites and his coat was so filthy and matted that he had to be shaved down. Freddie had never lived in a home before and had never know any human kindness. Thanks to our awesome puppy mill foster mom Joan, Freddie is now a cheerful, confident, happy young dog who is house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. Today was Freddie's big day. He was adopted by Kate in Mankato, who works primarily from home and is an experienced shih tzu parent. So Freddie now has a forever home where he will be loved and cherished. Thanks to Katie Johnson who rescued him at auction, to Joan who provided his rehabiltiation and to Kate who gave him a home. THIS IS A TRUE RESCUE SUCCESS STORY!!!!!

How Cute Is Macie?!?

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Take a look at this cute picture! Macie is a young rat terrier who had a rough start in life but is now ready for her forever home. She plays rough and tough and then sacks out--on her foster dog sister--for her afternoon nap. Please think about adopting little Macie!Macie 10.jpg
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