Black Dog Syndrome


Did you know that Black Dogs are generally the last to be adopted and are euthanised in shelters in much larger numbers than dogs of other colors? People may consider them too "plain", think they are menacing, or simply don't notice them because their dark color makes them disappear in their kennels. Those involved in animal welfare have dubbed this phenomena "Black Dog Syndrome."

According to Wikipedia, Black Dog Syndrome is defined as "the low adoption and high euthanasia rate of black dogs in shelters. Black dogs are often the last to be adopted from shelters." 

The above information was pulled directly from Please take a look at the black dogs on our website so then don't end up homeless for months and so we can take in more black dogs from kill pounds.


As the owner of a Happy Hound black dog and a friend of the founder of I can confirm that this is true. It is so sad, please consider adopting a black dog!

Black Dogs Rock!

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