Sad Day Today

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Lilypug.jpgToday is a sad day--our little pregnant puppy mill pug rescued on March 9, 2009 from the semi-annual Puppy Mill Auction in Thorpe, Wisconsin died today. This poor little dog, who was subjected to repeated breeding despite being a very small pug, came to the auction already pregnant. We found out that she had previously required a c-section and took her to the vet for evaluation last week. She was doing fine at that time, but over the weekend her appetite fell off and she was taken to the vet again today. The vet determined that she had a uterine infection and despite an emergency c-section and aggressive care, Lily died. Four of her five puppies survived only a short time as they were premature by about 5 days. As of this writing one puppy is still alive but the outcome doesn't look good. THANKS TO THE AMISH PUPPY MILLERS WHO TREAT DOGS LIKE LIVESTOCK, LILY PAID WITH HER LIFE AND THE LIVES OF HER PRECIOUS PUPPIES. If you would like to help offset the cost of her care and to help us rescue more dogs like Lily, please go to the Donate button on our website. All donations are tax deductible.

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She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is free from all pain and evil. Lily is in peace and her puppies are with her. They are in the arms of St.Fancis Asis patron saint of all animals eternally.

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