A Real Rescue Story

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"Brody" is a miniature poodle who was found tottering along a road and taken to a crowded shelter. His hair was long and matted and he could barely walk as his hind end kept falling over from side to side. We rescued Brody from the shelter and he is now in a foster home where he will remain for the balance of his life. You see, he is at least 15 years old and seems to have spinal arthritis which is affecting his control of his legs. He fell over and scraped himself on a rock retaining wall and has some abrasions from the fall. Brody is also blind and appears to have canine cognitive dysfunction which is similar to Alzheimer's in people. Brody does like being next to his foster mom and is fine with her other dogs. He had many rotten teeth which were painful so they were pulled and he is enjoying a diet of soft food with a daily pain medication. Even though his owner didn't care about him, we couldn't leave Brody in the pound to be gassed and spent $350 on his vet care and grooming to keep him comfortable during the time he has left. If you would like to contribute to Brody's expenses, please use the DONATE button on our website and thank you for helping us care for dogs like Brody.
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