BINDY'S PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bindy is a cute little Chihuahua doxie mix rescued from a backyard breeder in a rural area. She and several other Chihuahuas were forced to live outdoors in a wire pen with no real shelter from March through October. During the winter they lived in a filthy laundry room. The other Chihuahuas have been adopted, but Bindy was very noticeably pregnant so she is in a foster home where she has plenty of food, a warm nest box, and lots of love and care. The papa is a fawn colored Chihuahua and Bindy is brindle with a white chest, and the puppies range from fawn to brindle to black. CAN YOU BELIEVE that this tiny dog carried EIGHT puppies to term, delivered them without problems, and is caring for them like a great mom! Bindy will be caring for her puppies for the next 8-9 weeks, and then they will be ready for adoption to loving, caring homes and then Bindi will be looking for her forever home!

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we were approved today to adopt one of Bindy's babies and we are so excited to bring home a new baby in the family...

Jim & Kelly Hill Coon Rapids MN

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