How Victor Found His Home!

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Victor.jpgMy family briefly served as a foster family for Happy Hound Rescue.  We probably would've continued to foster, but we met Victor - and our lives have never been the same. 

Victor was our second foster.  When he came to us, he was a 2-year-old dog who acted like a beaten down old man.  He never wagged his tail, and somehow managed to look more pitiful than your typical basset. Naturally, no one in my family could let this little guy go; we instinctively wanted to shower him with love and try to rehabilitate his sad soul.

No sooner did we adopt him and begin the rehab process when we discovered Victor' side: he could jump a 4-foot chain-link fence and had severe separation anxiety that caused him to get into some chewing trouble around the house.  We lost two reasonably decent leather couches, my prescription sunglasses, a dog crate, and a computer to Victor's nerves.  We even lost Victor himself a few times before finally investing in an electric fence (installed around the perimeter
of our nice new chain link fence!) to discourage Victor from wandering.

But all you animal lovers out there will know what I mean when I say it's all worth it.  Victor may be a bit of a mess of a dog, but he's  a part of the family now and we can't resist his goofy charm.  He is best friends with our other beagle, loves our daughter, has claimed his spot on the bed at night, and is well on his way to learning how to be a happy dog again. 

Thanks to Lynne and Happy Hound Rescue for bringing Victor home!

By Teri F and family

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